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License Enforcer more details:

Prohibiting Non-Licensed Activity:
One of the biggest challenges with distributing software products is limiting usage to the person and/or computer that originally downloaded the program. Many times, buyers simply give your program to another user and they run it without you being aware. License Enforcer eliminates this possibility by getting the computer MAC address (their unique computer address) and checking it (1) against an address compiled into the program or (2) against a list on your server (Must get your own through a web hosting site ). You must get the MAC address and the payment information before the buyer uses the program even once for option (1). Users cannot start your program unless they are connected to the Internet and your server is running with using this option (2).
The Plan - License Enforcer...
The plan is simple, once encoded in your software and set in place, there is no required maintenance for you to do. Simply provide the customer information through our web service and we will continue to monitor and verify they are current on their licensing at your programmed time intervals. For those programs that donít need any additional fees, we still protect you from piracy, our DLL will check each time your program starts to prevent from being used from additional non licensed users or computers.
How LE Works:
Your program will call a hard-coded link to our library file (.DLL) in your Windows program. This allows your users to install any number of options through your installation.
  • A Demo edition of your software and authorize it to run for a certain time period.
  • A Demo or Trial editon that you specify or for a specified number of occurrences (ie. 3 runs).
  • Paid editions that run for a specified time period.
  • A Subscription product with a yearly license renewal.

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