License Enforcer - Affordable License Security License Enforcer - Affordable License Security
The Hook:
If you are a software developer, programmer or game designer, then you have turmoiled over distributing and/or selling your product? So many unanswered questions. How do I make sure my software is paid for before use? How do I ensure the world can't give away my software to everybody and their friends?
If you have looked around enough you know that there are plenty of companies out there that would love to make money on your product. But why should they be making a majority of the profits, when it was your hard work that created the product in the first place? Your options as a independent developer are limited to selling it on your own only to soon find it on every torrent site on earth, or contracting a hosting site to sell it for you and being lucky enough to receive 20% of the retail price.
We understand the biggest obstacle in selling your software is to assure that your software is not used without you being paid for your efforts. This is only accomplished by enforcing your license either through your own server program, which you had not thought of until now, or, having a large company that will distribute your software for an exorbitant cost, thus minimizing your profit margins. The next challenge is if you do decide to go it alone is enabling an online credit card processing service or gateway. This adds costs to you again because large payment gateways require, merchant accounts, $200+ per year costs for a secure SSL/TSL certificates needed for you to receive online payments. The costs just keep adding up. Soon you are lucky to hit a 20% profit margin. You are working for peanuts.
Your Security Options:
One of your programming options is to have your software program check the computer MAC address against an address compiled into your program or against a list on your server. Of course in order to do this you must have your own server through a web hosting site, and then a server program to process the license security. Then you must get the MAC address and the payment information, which would require a database structure, before the buyer uses the program even once. Users cannot start your program unless they are connected to the Internet and your server is running a license software utility of your design. This is very complicated and programmatcially intense, and if you hadn't thought about it until now, you could be a year away before you are ready to sell securely.
The other option, we've already covered, and that is paying someone else to enforce your licensing at an extremely unreasonable price.
Now - A Better Plan:
Introducing License Enforcer. We designed our software for independent developers and small software companies to provide secure, affordable piracy protection for their digital properties. All this while promoting the profit potential you should expect. No longer are you forced to take a less than reasonable offer for your hard work and watch some other company reap the benefits.

Initial Trial Options:

Our licensing software allows you to offer any variation of a "Free Trial" period you could want. You can set it to expire in a certain number of days, or you could allow the user to run the program a certain number of times in order to give them a feel for your product. Of course a trial period is completely optional. You could choose to sell a inexpensive "Demo" license, or have no trial at all.
Subscription Software Option:
Another great feature of our program is the ability to offer a "Subscription" , "Maintenance" or "Support" service, and/or a limited time license. This may require a periodic fee of your choosing. If you prefer, your customers can pay a monthly fee for software or services you offer? You can require they renew their license or membership annually, semi-annually. This provides the opportunity to offer your product at a lower initial price, and still covers your operational costs.
How It Works:
You just link our library file (dll) into your Windows® program. Our software is immediately called when your program starts. Our DLL sends your user's computer address (MAC) to the UNIX server and retrieves the Software Key and the expiration date when the program was first run on that PC. Our DLL checks the PC time against the expiration time each time it starts. Our software checks the servers to make sure the user a licensed user, and that payment is current. Our DLL also checks the time on the UNIX server at random to prevent programs like RunAsDate from extending a trial period indefinitely. See RunAsDate

License Enforcer will have a Basic, a Standard, and an Unlimited edition available for purchase.
The Basic Edition uses our UNIX server to enforce the license.
(This allows for minimal costs to you, until sales provide otherwise.)
The Standard and Ultimate Editions will use your UNIX server to enforce the licenses.
The Basic License Enforcer will be released for Beta Testing purposes. There is no charge until beta testing is complete
You will be able to use Basic License Enforcer "FREE" on five different computers (MAC addresses), so you can fully evaluate the security of License Enforcer for the first 60 days. After the trial, the Basic License Enforcer is $99 per year plus $.10 per year for each of your software users. Our secure server and secure certificate can be used by your customers to submit their payments to you.
The Standard License Enforcer, is $99 per year for 100 or fewer active users. You are responsible for updating your user’s expiration dates when payment is received.
The price for Unlimited is $499 per year for unlimited active users on your UNIX server.
You would handle posting payments to you server, or AWS can post payment receipts made to Authorize Net® to your UNIX server for a fee of one dollar per payment transaction.